Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS)

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j84j1's Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) History (Ongoing)
Daily Nov 22, 1996 - Last Update

j84j1's Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) is for…

  • Epilepsy

j84j1's side effects of Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS)…

  • Trouble turning neck due to pain May 13, 1997
  • Speech problems Nov 22, 1996


Nov 22, 1996

  • Perceived effectiveness for Epilepsy: Major
  • Side Effects: Mild
  • Adherence: Always
  • Burden: Not at all
Dosage: Daily
Advice & Tips: Along with my AED's, now I have better control with my VNS and my medication. Using the VNS allows me to take control of my life, rather than allow epilepsy to control me.

About Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) (Procedures)

Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) is an adjunctive treatment for certain types of intractable epilepsy and major depression. VNS uses an implanted stimulator that sends electric impulses to the left vagus nerve in the neck via a lead wire implanted under the skin.

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