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Ben Heywood

Co-Founder, President

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James Heywood

Co-Founder, Chairman

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Martin Coulter

Chief Executive Officer

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Michael Evers

Executive Vice President, Marketing

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Marcia Nizzari

Vice President, Engineering

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Daphne Psacharopoulos

Sr. Vice President, Client Services & Strategic Initiatives

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Paul Wicks, PhD

Vice President, Innovation

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Research, Clinical & Analytics


David Blaser, PharmD

Director, Health Informatics

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Meaghan Bradley RN MPH

Health Data and Patient Safety Clinical Specialist

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Christine Caligtan, RN, MSN

Health Data and Patient Safety Clinical Specialist

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Emil Chiauzzi, Ph.D.

Research Director, Client Services

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Maria Lowe, PharmD

Health Data & Drug Information Clinical Specialist

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Sally Okun, RN, MMHS

Vice President, Advocacy, Policy & Patient Safety

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Priya Raja

Research Assistant

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Patient Experience


Molly Cotter

Community Moderator

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Leah Craig

Office Assistant

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Kara Gaughen

Community Moderator

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Kim Goodwin

Vice President, User Experience

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Sarah Mack

Community Moderator

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Liz Morgan

Head of Community

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Robert Reimann

Principal Interaction Designer

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Eliza van Gerbig

Principal Visual Designer

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Emma Willey

Community Moderator

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Marketing, Business Development & Client Services


Rishi Bhalerao

Program Director, Client Services

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Elisenda Cochin

Associate Program Coordinator

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Linda Cogan

Accounting Manager

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Gabriel Eichler

General Manager, Client Services & Strategic Initiatives

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Chris Fidyk

Business Development

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Sherrie Goldstein

Marketing Program Manager

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Arianne Graham

Program Director, Client Services & Strategic Initiatives

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Bob Holman

Director of Finance

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Kathryn Kendall

Program Director, Client Services & Strategic Initiatives

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Jim Murray

Partner Marketing

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Carlos Rodarte

Business Development

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Lori Scanlon

Vice President, Marketing & Communications

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Matt Scott

Business Development

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Jesse Smith

Social Media Specialist

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Alicia Spector

Manager, Client Services

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Jenna Tobey

Marketing Associate

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Board of Directors

Philippe Amouyal, Director

Philippe joined Invus in 1999 as a Managing Director, based in Boston. Prior to joining Invus, Philippe spent 15 years at The Boston Consulting Group in Paris and Boston, where he was a Vice President and Director and coordinated the global electronics and software practice from 1991 on. He holds an MS in engineering and a DEA in management from Ecole Centrale de Paris and was a Research Fellow at the Center for Policy Alternatives of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Philippe currently serves as a director for Weight Watchers International (NYSE: WTW), Lexicon Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:LXRX), and previously was a director at Unwired Group (ASX: UNW).

Justin Barstein, Director

Justin joined The Invus Group in 2011 and is a Senior Associate based in New York. Prior to joining Invus, Justin was a consultant for Bain & Company in the Dallas office. He holds a BA in Finance and Economics from Washington University in St. Louis.

Martin Coulter, Director

Martin Coulter was appointed CEO of PatientsLikeMe in 2013 and oversees all of the company’s business operations. His focus is on growing and evolving the company so that it can better serve members and industry partners. Martin was previously Executive Vice President and General Manager of The Advisory Board Company, a publicly traded healthcare technology and services firm (NASDAQ: ABCO). In that position, he served a range of hospital and healthcare system clients, focusing on establishing best practice performance through data driven technology and consulting programs. Before that, Martin was CEO of Citizens Energy Corporation, a nonprofit healthcare and energy organization. Earlier in his career, he was a principal at the Parthenon Group and a consultant at Bain & Company.

Benjamin Heywood, President and Director

Ben’s experience spans a diverse set of operational areas including successful ventures in the medical device industry, the entertainment industry, and in speculative residential real estate development. After graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ben moved to Silicon Valley to work for Target Therapeutics, the leading designer and manufacturer of microcatheter-based products for the treatment of stroke. After significant involvement in both manufacturing and product design, Ben eventually moved into Business Development until Boston Scientific acquired the company for $1.3 billion. After receiving his MBA from The Anderson School at UCLA, Ben channelled his creative energy working in the feature films industry both in production and script development.

James Heywood, Co-Founder and Chairman

When his brother Stephen was diagnosed with ALS in 1999, Jamie founded the world’s first non-profit biotech, the ALS Therapy Development Institute. As its CEO for 8 years, Jamie grew ALS TDI to be the world’s largest ALS research program. He completed the first published stem cell transplant in ALS, developed a unique high throughput in vivo drug validation program, collaborated with dozens of companies, and brought 2 drugs to clinical trial. An engineering graduate of MIT, Jamie’s unique approach to disease research and management has been profiled by Pulitzer Prize winning author Jonathan Weiner in the biography His Brother’s Keeper, 60 Minutes, The New Yorker, and in the Sundance award winning documentary So Much So Fast.

Jay M. Tenenbaum, PhD, Director

Dr. Tenenbaum is a world-renowned Internet commerce pioneer and visionary. He was founder and CEO of Enterprise Integration Technologies, the first company to conduct a commercial Internet transaction (1992), secure Web transaction (1993) and Internet auction (1993). In 1994, he founded CommerceNet to accelerate business use of the Internet. (full bio)

Dr. Jonathan White, Director

Dr. Jonathan White is Head of Research and Development at Haemonetics Inc. leading development of products for blood collectors and hospitals to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes in blood management. Prior to joining Haemonetics, Jonathan was Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Information Officer for Pfizer. Prior to this, Jonathan worked for McKinsey & Company as a management consultant, where he worked for 6 years in its global healthcare practice serving a variety of clients in Europe, China, Africa and the U.S. Jonathan completed his education and early work as a physician in the United Kingdom. He is a certified neurosurgeon who has worked in both clinical and academic medical settings. He also holds a Masters in Computer Science from Cambridge University and a Masters in Business Administration from INSEAD in France.

Walter A. Winshall, Director

Walt Winshall is a principal in Collaborative Seed and Growth Partners, LLC, an investment firm specializing in the commercialization of early-stage technology. Previously, he was a co-founder and Chairman of SilverPlatter International, NV, a company providing information services for libraries. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of AgaMatrix, Inc., HealthCare IT, Inc., and MOCA Systems, Inc. He is a graduate of MIT in electrical engineering and of the Harvard Law School.

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